Your imagination is my creation...

Hello, my name is Ray Banna and this is the website for RJB Creative Design, where I put all of my original work form graphic design, to film, to craft work like duct tape, and to share some of my great accomplishments.

Artist Statement

"I believe in using the skills and experience I have to create amazing and personalized art to use in the business world.  As an employee I believe it is essential to be happy and excited about what I do, flexible in times of trouble, and willing and capable to take direction in order to tend to every one of their needs. I believe in collaborating with co-workers and in demonstrating a strong team orientation. I also believe in being a self-starter; someone who will take the initiative to learn new skills as needed and who will step up for the challenge, take responsibility for actions, and be able to grow and learn through constrictive criticism. My ideal work environment is one that believes and supports its workers – one that promotes a healthy and strong way of growing as a human and has the opportunities to make a better artist and rewards creativity, hard work, and supportive actions."

-Ray Banna